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5 Days Prodigious Culture Tour

Book 5 Days Prodigious Culture Tour

This tour is suitable for those who are coming to trek Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru (after or before trekking), or for those before or after a beach holiday in Zanzibar. You will have time to enjoy our wildlife and visit different tribes in Tanzania including the Masai, Datoga, and Hadzabe. It&#3...

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Safari Souvenirs

We sell safari souvenirs at affordable prices to every traveler who books with us. From soapstone sculptures to bronze and glassware artifacts.

Wall Paintings & Hangings

Our Africa-themed wall paintings and wall hangings can decorate your homes or even offices. Get in touch with us if you are in search of African art.

Maasai Shukas & Takeaways

Maasai Shukas, Kangas, Kikois to Jalabbiyas. And yes, we can sell to you any local garment that will remind you of your trip.

What Some Of Our Safari Goers Have To Say

  • “Sheila and I had a wonderful custom‐made 16‐day safari in Kenya. I hesitate to call this a once‐in‐a‐lifetime experience simply because I wa...”

    — Gerry & Sheila

  • “We had a wonderful 17days tour package by Brita Safaris, from the day of Inquiry to the days of Safari Brita Safaris Director Mr Brian was v...”

    — Christina George

  • “During the Covid time, we contacted Brita Safaris and they organized a tailor-made itinerary for my family to Diani which was a place to rec...”

    — Nahashon Meli

  • “We liked the trip arranged by Brita Safaris to Zanzibar. Our stay at the top Zanzibari hotel has left a lasting memory for us. Greetings fro...”

    — Hayeon Lee

  1. Gerry & Sheila
  2. Christina George
  3. Nahashon Meli
  4. Hayeon Lee